Taylor Swift Eras Birthday Party!

Taylor Swift Birthday Party

Does your little one love Taylor Swift as much as we do? Taylor Swift is one of the most popular pop stars in the world, and her music is loved by people of all ages. If you have a child who is a fan of Taylor Swift, you might be thinking about throwing them a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party. Here are some ideas for how to make your party a hit!  


All of our signs, invites and party printables can be found through heycutedesign on etsy.

Taylor Swift Eras Party Invites


Dress up like Hipsters

As your guests enter the party, have them get into character with these heart sunglasses.  

Heart Sunglasses.  Dress up like Hipsters


Friendship Bracelet Making Area

One of the best things about Taylor Swift is her message of friendship. At your party, you can set up a friendship bracelet making area where kids can create their own bracelets to give to their friends. We recommend this set (pictured below).  It has all the supplies you need.  

Friendship Bracelets


taylor swift friendship bracelets


A fun activity for her Taylor Swift party is Karaoke. Have the party guests put on a show to their favorite Taylor Swift songs.  No need to rent a machine, you can purchase inexpensive one for your home.  We recommend this one

Plush Cat Favors

We all know how much Taylor Swift loves her cats.  These adorable plush kitty party favors are way too cute! 

cat party favors taylor swift party


Inflatable Guitar Favors

Another fun party favor are these take home inflatable guitars.  You can buy them in bulk here.  

inflatable guitar taylor swift party favor




Cakes are awesome, but we love donuts even more!  We had our local bakery create some Eras donuts for the party. Which is your fav?

taylor swift eras donuts

Party Dress 

To complete the party, she'll need the perfect party dress.  This 1989 inspired look will be available on our site October 4th. 

1989 dress


With a little planning, you can throw a Taylor Swift party that your child and their friends will love. Just remember to keep the focus on friendship and fun!


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