Don't know what size to pick? 
We are here to help!

When shopping for children's dresses, it is hard to know what size to pick! We want to make sure your top pick is the fit and style you are looking for! Here are a few tips straight from our design team: 

Sizing charts made for you. Our sizing charts are complete with dress measurements as well as height suggestions. With your child's height, you will get our personalized recommendation of the size we would pick.

  • Our recommended size follows the height suggestions in the sizing chart. It is styled to be a fitted loose top with a mid-knee skirt length. 
  • For a shorter skirt, we recommend the next size down. The smaller size is styled as stretchy fitted top with a skirt hitting above the knee. The top is made to stretch and fit comfortably.
  • For longer wear, we recommend the next size up. This size will have a longer skirt and fit with a looser top, perfect to enjoy now and as they grow! 

Caring for Taylor Joelle products . Each product has a life span and we have found our products to last longest when following these care routines.

  • Washing on the gentle, cold setting. This helps the dress keep it's quality and vibrant colors.
  • Placing it in a wash bag while washing. To prevent rips and tears, we strongly recommend this for any of our products that have detailed work.
  • Lay flat to dry. Doing this helps the dress keep it's shape and bright colors. 

    Check out the stats and sizing below for reference on sizing. 

    • Sophie. 4 years old/ 39 inches/ 38 lbs. Typically wears a size 5-6.