Hi, Jenny here! I'd love to tell you about Taylor Joelle!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create FUN through clothing. Taylor Joelle strives to inspire pretend play through comfortable, sensory-friendly “dress up” that is soft enough to double as an everyday dress. 

All of our fabric is sensory-friendly, which means it's soft enough not to irritate skin, and not itchy! Each dress skirt has a lining made from the same cotton fabric as our tees. That means your littles can use their imagination all day long, without any uncomfortable interruptions!

We know adventures are sometimes messy, and we want to make sure no child has to worry (or cause their parents worry!) about getting their clothes while on a fantasy adventure. Our clothes are machine washable, durable, and built to last. 

Our Principles 

Taylor Joelle stands for kindness, friendship, respect, and comfort.  Let your little's daydreams take them to worlds of witches & wizards, castles, flower fields, far away planets, or even back in time to the dinosaurs. Every time we create a new dress, we hope to create a new world for their imagination. 

We listen to our customers and enjoy this beautiful community of creative moms that surround us. We love to hear your ideas and take feedback on our products into account. 


In 2006, Taylor Joelle was created from my basement. The brand is named after my oldest child, who at age five decided she only wanted to wear dresses. The more princess-like the dress, the better. 

Taylor is now in college and has long since left the pretend dress-up days behind. Along with my husband and four sons, she is very engaged in the company. Taylor now heads up the Customer Service team, and my husband and sons help with inventory, shipping, receiving, operations, and marketing.

My Mom, Diane Robison (mother of five and grandmother of eighteen) helps to create the designs, prints, and patterns for our dresses. I love working closely with her.  She and I, along with the rest of my family, are grateful for our customers, and the loyalty, love and support they continually shower upon us.


Thank you for joining our adventures. We're glad to have you as part of the Taylor Joelle family!

- Jenny