DIY Bedazzled Shoes - Perfect to Pair with your Taylor Joelle Princess Dress

 Every little one deserves to feel like royalty, and what better way to achieve that than with a pair of sparkly, show-stopping princess shoes? The best part? You can create this magic yourself with a simple DIY project! This tutorial will walk you through transforming plain white canvas shoes into a dazzling princess accessory, perfect for playtime, dress-up, or even a special occasion.

Materials Needed

  • White canvas shoes - We got ours at Old Navy
  • B7000 Glue
  • Half pearls for crafting (mixed sizes)
  • Tweezers

**The above crafting items can be purchased individually, but we bought them as a set  HERE

Let's Get Started

Here comes the fun part! Using your tweezers, apply a small amount of B700 glue to the back of a pearl.  Another option is to apply a small amount to the shoe and stick the pearls down onto the glue.  Start with your larger pearls and carefully place them onto the shoe according to your design or however you like. Once the larger pearls are secured, use the smaller pearls to fill in any gaps and create the desired level of sparkle.

Tip: The B700 glue dries quickly, so work one section at a time. This will help ensure you can position the pearls precisely before the glue sets.

Approximate time to create these children's shoes was 2.5-3 hours.  The times will be longer for sure if you are doing larger shoes.  

Enjoy this fun and easy project!! 




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