Taylor Joelle

Ensemble de robes Gryffondor™


Les plus courageux peuvent porter l'écarlate et l'or de la Maison Gryffondor™ ! Elles canaliseront leur audace, leur courage et leur chevalerie dans cet ensemble vestimentaire. Inspiré de l'uniforme scolaire de Poudlard™, cet ensemble comprend une cape en mousseline, une robe et une cravate amovible. La cape porte un écusson imprimé stylisé et une doublure contrastée aux couleurs de la Maison qui correspond aux couleurs rayées de la Maison sur la bordure de la robe et la cravate. C'est l'ensemble parfait pour la garde-robe de votre petite sorcière ou sorcier !

Cette robe regorge de détails, nous vous recommandons donc de la laver au cycle délicat, dans une trousse de toilette et de la faire sécher à plat.


Customer Reviews

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Kelly Grimmett
Gryffindor dress

My 6 year old absolutely loves this dress. It fits perfectly and is great quality. I’m sure we’ll be buying more dresses in the future.

Erika Hayden
Gryffindor dress

My 7year old Harry Potter loving daughter LOVES this dress. It was one of her favorite Christmas gifts this year. She looks so cute in it and it’s so well made and most importantly it’s comfortable. We especially love the cape! Can’t wait to wear it to universal on our next vacation!

Corina Gomez

This is one of the best quality costumes I have ever received. It is incredibly comfortable for my daughter, easy to wash and care for, the cape is beautiful and it is affordable!! This is my first purchase from Taylor Joelle and now I have already purchased 3 additional dresses. We received so many compliments on Halloween for this outfit!

Ready for Hogwarts

So cute. I love that it still looks amazing with our without the robe/cape. I cannot wait to take my daughter to Wizarding World in this.

Johanna Dickerson
My daughter's go to

My daughter absolutely loves her Hermione dress as she calls it. It fits nicely and well made. The reason I took a star was the darn neck tie. The fastener was just not it. We kept having issues with it staying and sadly lost it on Halloween :( I wish there was a way to buy a new one or in the future they make them with different closers

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