The History of Kids Clothes: Past to Present

Get ready to travel back in time and explore the fascinating history of children's clothing! From medieval times to modern day, kids' fashion has gone through many twists and turns.

During the Middle Ages, children wore tiny versions of adult clothing that often left them feeling restricted and uncomfortable. Outfits were often heavy and heavily embroidered.

It wasn't until the Renaissance that things started to change, with boys rocking breeches and doublets, and girls donning fancy dresses and gowns.

As the world entered the 18th and 19th centuries, kids' clothes became more practical and comfortable. Finally, people started prioritizing the needs of children over fashion, and clothing was made from light, durable materials that let them move and play freely.

It was during the Victorian era that sailor suits and dresses became a hit, and soon every tot in town was sporting stripes and anchors.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and children's fashion continued to evolve. The Roaring Twenties saw flapper dresses for girls, while boys wore knickerbockers and shorts.

The 60s hippie movement ushered in a new era of casual, colorful clothing that let kids express themselves. Hooray for self-expression!

Nowadays, children's fashion is more diverse than ever, with options for every style and occasion. At Taylor Joelle, we strive to create fun clothes and costumes for kids that are durable, comfy, sensory friendly, and CUTE! Here are some fun styles for you to check out!

Teal Dress with Cape

Mirror's Choice Dress - Luxe

Fancy Beauty Dress

Sea Princess Dress

Crystal Blue Dress with Cape