Set Sail with Disneyland's New Pirates of the Caribbean Bubble Wand Sword!

Ahoy, Disney fans! There's a new treasure to be discovered at Disneyland, and it's creating quite the buzz (or should we say, bubbles?). Introducing the latest must-have souvenir: the Pirates of the Caribbean Bubble Wand Sword. This enchanting item has already been a hit at Disneyland Paris, and now it's making waves in California’s Disneyland!

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The Perfect Souvenir for Every Swashbuckler

Imagine this: You're strolling through Adventureland, the sun shining brightly, and your little ones are decked out in their Taylor Joelle pirate gear, and now enjoying the coolest bubble wand to match their outfits.  It's color changing, and perfect for pretend play (just watch you don't get whacked in the legs during your main street stroll).

Where to Find It

Keep your eyes peeled as you wander through Disneyland's Tomorrowland.  These can be spotted at Autopia's Circle.  Hopefully they will start popping up at more locations.  They are $29.99 each.

New Pirate Styles for Prime Day 

On July 16th, several new styles will launch and the entire site will be on sale!  We will be restocking our old Pirate Styles and bring new styles too!  These will be preorder, and will ship in about 6 weeks. 

Restocked styles - these will be 30% off for Prime Day


New styles - These will be 15% off for Prime day


Disneyland is all about creating magical memories, and we love that they are always coming out with new and fun things to add some magic to your day at Disney.   The bubble wand sword paired with Taylor Joelle’s pirate dresses and tees, will be so much fun!  Can't wait to see your pictures!