Our Guide to Making the Perfect Easter Basket!

It’s almost Easter, which means your little’s are probably getting excited about the Easter Bunny coming, right? But, sometimes you need a little help knowing what you should give them. And if you are, then this blog post is PERFECT! Taylor Joelle is so excited to show you how to make the cutest little Easter basket and what exactly you should put in them!

First things first: The basket itself. It doesn't have to be anything crazy! You can find cute baskets on Amazon, at Target, Walmart, or even your local dollar store! In fact, I would suggest checking there first because I’ve found some of my favorite baskets there! The nice thing about the basket is that you can reuse them later!Coated-Wire Easter Basket White - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia, 1 of 5Assorted Easter Basket by Ashland®, 1pc.

Basket filler: You can honestly use anything to fill the bottom of the basket (or you don’t have to use anything at all), but if you are wanting to do this step, the easiest thing is to grab some crinkle paper filler! You can find this pretty much anywhere, but I tend to go to the dollar store because it ends up being a little cheaper.Amazon.com: Mcfleet 1 LB Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler Light Pink Crinkle  Paper Shredded Paper for Gift Box - Gift Basket Filler - Gift Box Stuffing  for Valentine's Day Holiday Packaging Wrapping :
Now, the goodies!
  • Candy: Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, jellybean eggs – these are the Easter staples for a reason. But don't forget variety! Sprinkle in some sour gummies, colorful candy necklaces, or even chocolate chicks for a feathery touch.PEEPS, Pink Marshmallow Bunnies Easter Candy, 8 Count (3.0 Ounces)Reese's Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Candy Snack Size - 9.6oz, 2 of 6Cadbury Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate Easter Candy Pack of 2 x 9oz Bags of Chocolate Easter Eggs. Cadbury Eggs Easter Egg Candy by Snackivore.
  • Other surprises: Add some non-candy surprises too! Small toys like bouncy balls, mini puzzles, or sidewalk chalk are so fun to add to your basket. For older kids, consider craft kits, temporary tattoos, or even a new book! And of course, adding in a cute Taylor Joelle Dress never hurt ;) Someone even mentioned that they get a new swimsuit in their basket every year, how cute is that?? The Hunger Games
  • Personalized touch: Make it extra special by adding a handwritten note from the Easter Bunny (or you!) and, you can even personalize the basket itself with their name or initials.
These are just some ideas of things you can do for an Easter basket, but seriously, there are so many cute ways to make one so you really have the chance to personalize them however you want!

Happy Easter! 🐰💜🥕