From Big Hero to Big Love: Transforming a Dress into a DIY Baymax Dream!

baymax dress

We love Disneyland's new San Frantokyo!  Baymax is a blast to meet!  If you are looking for an outfit to meet this cuddly character, we've got a great DIY for you. 

No sewing machine?  No problem. This project is so easy! So, grab your trusty needle and thread, and let's get ready to inflate some fun!


    • Black Felt: We'll use these to create Baymax's face features and details. 
    • Wonder Under: This magical heat-transfer fabric makes attaching the felt features a breeze!
    • Thin Black Ribbon
    • Scissors: Your trusty cutting allies.
    • Pins 
    • Needle and thread: For hand-stitching Baymax's face securely onto the dress.
    • Instructions:
    1. Wonder Under magic: If using Wonder Under, follow the instructions to iron it onto the back of your felt pieces. This will make attaching them to the dress a cinch.
  1. Cut the eye circles:  Once the Wonder Under is attached, find an object with an idea; circle shape and trace onto the wonder under side.  Then cut the circles and peel off the wonder under. 

  1. Iron and pin: Place the circles where you would like them to be, and Hold a dry iron over the circles to help them stick on the dress.  Then keep them in place with a pin. 

  1. Pin Ribbon between eyes: My ribbon was a little wider than I wanted, so I folded it in half, hand sewd some stitches to keep it in place and then pinned it to the dress.
  2. Stitch it up!: Now comes the bonding moment. Hand-sew each felt piece securely onto the dress using black thread. Remember, straight stitches or playful backstitches, it's all about expressing your love for Baymax.

And voila! You've got yourself an adorable Baymax outfit! If you'd like to see a video of the process, we've got you covered! View our process HERE.


baymax dress


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