DIY Upcycled Sweater with Crochet Bow Accents. Perfect for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by creating a personalized and eco-friendly gift for yourself or a loved one? In this DIY tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of upcycling an old sweater and adding a touch of handmade charm with crochet bows in delightful shades of pink and red.

Crochet Bows on Sweater

Materials Needed:

  1. Old sweater
  2. Yarn 
  3. Crochet hook
  4. Yarn Needle 
  5. Scissors
  6. Pins

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Sweater Dig into your closet or visit a thrift store to find a sweater that could use a second life. Look for a cozy fabric and a neutral base color that will complement the vibrant crochet bows.

Step 2: Crochet the Bows Using your crochet hook, follow a simple bow pattern.  We followed this the steps from Macy Loves Crochet's video You can find numerous free bow patterns online, or you can get creative and design your own. Crochet bows are a quick and delightful project, making them perfect for adding a handmade touch to your sweater.

Step 3: Arrange and Pin the Bows Once you've crocheted a collection of bows, lay them out on your sweater to determine the desired arrangement. Pin them in place, making sure to distribute them evenly for a balanced look.

Step 4: Hand Sew the Bows. Using the same yarn, and a yarn needle, carefully hand-sew each bow onto the sweater. Take your time to ensure a secure attachment. This step not only adds a decorative element but also ensures the bows withstand wear and tear.  We sew the center of the bow and also do a few stiches at the top of the bow loops.

Step 5: Trim and Tidy Up Trim any excess yarn and thread, and tidy up the back of the sweater to give it a polished finish. Your upcycled sweater with crochet bows is now ready to make a stylish statement on Valentine's Day!

Crochet bows on sweater