We know the excitement of waiting for your shipment, and the disappointment when some pieces go missing from the party. Don't worry! We're here to help reunite you with your missing treasures.

Step 1: Contact Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team is your go-to squad for solving missing-item mysteries. They'll do their detective work to ensure your order reaches its completion. Reach out via email at INFO@TAYLORJOELLE.COM with the following information:

    • Your order number: This helps them quickly locate your order details.

    • List of missing items: Be specific about the missing dress names, style numbers, or any other identifying details.

    • Any relevant information: Did you receive a packing slip with the order? Was there any mention of partial shipments?

Step 2: Trust the Experts

Our customer service team will investigate, assess the situation, and offer the best solution, which may include:


    • Reshipment: If the missing items are available, they'll be swiftly sent your way, ready to join the twirling fun.

    • Refund: If the missing items are no longer available, you'll receive a full refund for them.

    • Order update: If your order was shipped in parts, they'll provide an estimated arrival date for the remaining pieces.


    • While missing items may dampen your mood, our customer service team is here to get things back on track.

    • We value your satisfaction and want you to experience the full joy of your Taylor Joelle purchase.

    • Communication is key! The more information you provide, the faster we can resolve the missing-item mystery.