Disneybounding—Taylor Joelle Style

When Leslie Kay of Toronto, Canada booked a trip to Walt Disney World with her friends, she had no idea she was about to start an international trend!

Three Disney-goers Disneybounding as Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Wendy.

Adults aren’t allowed to wear actual costumes to Disneyland (lest kids confuse the actual Disney characters with enthusiastic fans), so Leslie decided to put her own twist on dress up. Using random assortments of regular clothing items, she created the “effect” of Disney characters — and she did it well!

She started a Tumblr blog called Disneybound, and the trend took off. Now thousands can be seen at the Disney parks, dressed to the nines in the colors and styles of their favorite Disney characters and sometimes even their favorite rides. We’ve joined the fun too!

Here are some of our favorite Disneybound combinations, which you can pair with some of our favorite Taylor Joelle outfits, of course. *wink*

Which one is your favorite?