Pre-Ordering: Snag Your Favorite Pieces Before They're Gone!

Excited about a new Taylor Joelle launch? You're not alone! To avoid potential sell-outs and ensure you get your hands on your must-have pieces, we occasionally offer pre-orders.

What does "pre-order" mean?

Pre-ordering allows you to reserve your item before it's officially released and shipped. It's like putting dibs on your favorite style before anyone else!

How does it work?

    1. Shop our pre-order collection: Browse our selection of hot new styles available for pre-order. Each pre-order listing will clearly state the estimated shipping timeframe (usually around 6-7 weeks).
    1. Place your order: Add your pre-order items to your cart and checkout as usual. Your payment will be processed, but your items won't ship immediately.
    1. Sit back and wait (impatiently!): Your pre-order item will be lovingly crafted after your order is placed. We'll keep you updated on the progress via email, so you'll know when to expect your stylish arrival.

What about combined orders?

If you're eyeing both pre-order and ready-to-ship items, here's the deal:

    • All items ship together when the pre-order items are ready. This ensures your entire order arrives at the same time.
    • For faster delivery of your ready-to-ship items, consider placing two separate orders. This way, you can enjoy your non-pre-order goodies sooner!

Benefits of pre-ordering:

    • Guarantee your size and style: No more disappointment of missing out on your favorite piece! Pre-ordering ensures you get what you crave.
    • Support our small business: Pre-orders help us gauge demand and plan production, allowing us to continue creating amazing styles for you.
    • Early access to new arrivals: Be among the first to rock the latest trends. Pre-ordering gives you bragging rights and a head start on the fashion curve.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our pre-order collection and snag your dream pieces before they're gone! Remember, pre-ordering is a commitment (worth it!), so be sure to check the estimated shipping timeframe before placing your order.

Happy pre-ordering!

P.S. If you have any questions about pre-orders, our friendly customer service team is always happy to help! Just drop us an email at