Ever spotted a stunning Taylor Joelle dress that leaves your heart doing a pirouette, but it's not quite in stock yet? Fear not, fashionista! Pre-order is your magical ticket to reserving your dream dress and guaranteeing it twirls into your wardrobe before it disappears.

What exactly is Pre-Order?

Think of it as your front-row seat at the Taylor Joelle fashion show! Pre-order allows you to secure your favorite dress before we even receive it in our warehouse. It's like claiming your spot in line for the most anticipated twirling masterpiece.

Limited Pre-Orders: A Guarantee for Twirling Bliss

We don't like to keep you waiting! That's why our pre-orders are limited. This means we already know the exact number of dresses we'll receive, ensuring everyone who pre-orders gets their twirling treasure. No more playing dress-up roulette!

How Soon Will My Dress Arrive?

Once you pre-order, your dress will be shipped to you as soon as it arrives at our warehouse. Usually, it takes around 6-7 weeks from the day the pre-order is posted on the website. We'll keep you updated every step of the way, so you can patiently (and excitedly!) await your twirling arrival.

Combined orders? No problem!

If you're eyeing both pre-order and ready-to-ship items, we've got you covered. We'll ship your entire order together when the pre-order items are ready, ensuring you get everything at once. However, if you want your ready-to-ship goodies sooner, consider placing separate orders.

Pre-Order Perks:

    • Peace of mind: Knowing your dress is guaranteed takes the stress out of waiting.
    • No more sold-out woes: Wave goodbye to disappointment! Your pre-order ensures your twirling dream comes true.
    • Early access: Be the first to twirl in the latest styles. Pre-order lets you get your hands on the newest arrivals before they hit the digital shelves.


So, if you see a Taylor Joelle dress that makes your heart sing, don't hesitate to pre-order! It's your chance to guarantee your twirling spot and bring your fashion dreams to life.

P.S. Keep an eye on our social media for exciting pre-order announcements and exclusive sneak peeks! We can't wait to see you twirling in your pre-ordered treasures.