Ever spotted a stunning Taylor Joelle dress on pre-order and wondered why sizes appear available when it's not quite in stock yet? We've got the answer! It's all thanks to our magical system called Limited Pre-Order.

Limited Pre-Order: The Secret Behind Available Sizes

Here's the secret: when our website shows sizes available for a pre-order dress, it's not actually referring to the physical dresses sitting in the warehouse (yet!). Instead, it represents the number of pre-order spots remaining for that particular size.

Think of it like this:

    • Each pre-order spot is your ticket to your dream dress.
    • When the website shows a size available, it means there's still a ticket (pre-order spot) available for that size.

Why Limited Pre-Order? We Value Your Twirling Joy!

We understand the disappointment of seeing a dress you love disappear before you can snag it. That's why we use Limited Pre-Order. By knowing the exact number of dresses coming in, we can ensure everyone who pre-orders gets their dream dress, no sold-out tears allowed!

So, what does this mean for you?

    • Seeing sizes available on a pre-order dress is a good sign! It means there's still a chance to secure your spot in the twirling line.
    • Don't wait too long! Once those pre-order spots fill up, the dress will be sold out until the next batch arrives.
    • Trust the magic of Limited Pre-Order and know that your dream dress is just a twirl away!

P.S. Keep an eye on our social media for exciting pre-order announcements and countdowns! We can't wait to see you twirling in your pre-ordered treasures.