Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas Featuring Our Favorite Taylor Joelle Dresses

Valentine's Day is coming up, which means it's time to start outfit planning. I mean, that's the most important part, right?? But, coming up with outfits in general can be a little difficult. So, our Taylor Joelle team put together a few outfit ideas for Love Day, including items from our Valentine's Collection!

Outfit #1:

Grab our Pink Sea Princess Dress, some sparkly ballet flats, and even a cute seashell hair clip! That way, you're staying on theme but also adding a fun under the sea touch.

Outfit #2:

Our Sweetheart Polka Dot Dress would go PERFECT with some cute black or white Converse! You can also accessorize it with a cute mouse purse!

Outfit #3:

Now this outfit is a little fancier, but still so fabulous. Grab our Velvet Sleeping Princess Dress, some cute white shoes, and the final touch: a tiara!

Outfit #4:

Need an outfit idea that doesn't include a dress? No worries! Our Crab Tee would go great with a pair of jeans and some fun Checkered Vans!

Outfit #5:

Our Pink Gingham Heart Dress just screams Heart Day. With the pink & white checkered bodice, plus the heart cutout on the back, I'd say it's a necessity for your little one's closet. Add some cute white sneakers & a white headband to complete the look!

Outfit #6:

I saved (my favorite) dress for last! Pair our Avya Dress with some cute pink sneakers and a hair bow for another perfect Valentine's Day outfit. I mean, seriously, how cute is that??

If you end up recreating any of these outfit ideas or dress your cute kids in Taylor Joelle for Valentine's Day, don't forget to share on social media so we can see! Follow us on Instagram @TaylorJoelleDesigns or Facebook!