The Cutest Barbie Inspired Valentines!

Calling all Barbie Movie fans! This Valentine's Day, ditch the store-bought cards and create adorable DIY treats inspired by your favorite pink-tastic flick.

Supplies: (aside from the Valentine digital files, the supplies needed can be found through our Amazon Store Front 

  • Digital Valentines - HeyCuteDesigns on Etsy 
  • Valentines charms 
  • Surf Board Keychains
  • Lobster clasps 
  • Tiny hole punch
  • 4x6 treat bags
  • Ribbon of choice 

Step One:

Purchase the Printable Valentines from HeyCuteDesigns (above).  You can print these files yourself if you have a good color printer.  If not, bring them to your local print place.  The Valentines will include a line on where to cut.  Carefully cut the Valentine sheets into individual Valentines. 


Step Two:

Using the tiny hole punch, create a hole in your Valentine for where you would like the charm to be.  You can punch two tiny holes, (one for the clasp to go into and then out), or you can get away with just adding one hole and hooking the front of the clasp through the hole


Step Three:

Add the jump ring (included with your charm set) with your needle nose pliers.  Using those pliers also add the lobster clasp.  Then, hook the charm clasp into the hole. 


For the Kenough Valentines, I recommend just leaving the surf board key chains loose with the Valentine rather than punching a hole. 


Step Four:

Insert your adorable Valentine into a 4x6 bag, and tie with a ribbon or string.

We hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day and create something special with your mini me!