What you need to know

Code “villain15” gets you 15% off (expires midnight mst).

Collection goes live at 10am mst on june 18th.

These items are preorder and will ship in about 6 weeks.

No sell out risk if ordered on june 18th.

We will only carry very limited quantities after preorder, so order on the 18th if you can.

The candy corn dress


sizes 2-14

The chiffon skirt features a candy corn design with a white, orange and yellow stripe layering.

The spotted schemer dress


Sizes 2-14

This Cruella-inspired dress is a perfect dress for family trips, parties or dress up!

Midnight manor

Adult tee - $45 (sizes s-xxl)

Kid’s tee - $35 (sizes 2-14)

Dress - $59 (sizes 2-14)

Pair it with our Haunted Dress 2.0 to match perfectly!

The Midnight Crow Dress


sizes 2-14

Our Maleficent-inspired Dress is a classic villain look for sure!

Evil queen dress and top

Dress - $56 (sizes 2-14)

Women's Tee - $39 (sizes s-xxl)

Match with your little one for a cute and coordinated look!

X-Ray Dress and tee

Tee - $45 (sizes 2-14)

Dress - $75 (sizes 2-14)

Pearly Purple dress and top

Women’s tee - $39 (sizes s-xxl)

Dress - $69 (sizes 2-14)

Pair with your little one for the cutest look!

The Ragdoll dress


Sizes 2-14

This Ragdoll Dress is just the sweetest and yet spookiest dress ever!

Skeleton's Night out dress


Sizes 2-14.

Skeleton tee


Sizes 2-14

This Jack-inspired tee is a villain must!

Skeleton Adult tee


Sizes s-xxl

Ragdoll women's tee


Sizes 2-14