The Taylor Joelle Team's Favorite Dresses!

The Marketing and Admin teams spend a lot of time with the Taylor Joelle dresses, so of course we each have our favorites! Check out which dress we each have a little extra love for.

Let us know if your favorites are the same as ours!

Jenny - CEO of Taylor Joelle

Jenny is the woman behind Taylor Joelle! She is a huge fan of the Sea Princess Dress, and it shows! We've got the same design in a baby romper and sometimes an adult top and skirt too.

Taylor - Customer Service & Brand Namesake


If you didn't know, the brand Taylor Joelle is named after Jenny's daughter, Taylor Joelle! Taylor has worked in Shipping, Marketing, and Customer Service for the company. 

You can tell she's related to Jenny, because her favorite dress is the Velvet Sea Princess Dress, one of our holiday collection velvets. She says the non-velvet Mermaid Princess Dress is a close second.

Kate - Director of Operations

Kate manages both the shipping and customer service departments, and manages to make order out of the chaos! She's been with Taylor Joelle a long time and has seen many dresses come and go, but the Folk Tale Dress has been her favorite from the beginning. 

For adults, we have the Folk Tale Adult Shirt and Skirt to match. 

Savannah - Marketing Director

As the first employee of Taylor Joelle, Savannah has done it all! She's done the marketing, photography, videos, modeling, customer service, and dress & tee designs.

Since she works directly with Jenny on designing the dresses, her favorite dress is usually the most recent one she's worked on! Right now that means the Velvet Wishing Dress. But you can bet whatever comes next will be her new favorite!

Jennifer - Marketing Manager

Hi, I'm the one writing this blog today! I love a lot of the dresses at Taylor Joelle, but I love the T-Shirts most of all (probably because my 4 year old boy is the only one at home who will dress up with me!).

My favorite shirt is the Fuzzball Tee, and it comes in adult size and in a dress

Then we made it in long sleeve crewnecks for both kids and adults, and I lost my mind and own all of them. 

Olivia - Social Media Specialist 

Olivia is our Social Media Queen! She gets to work with our models and see all the cute dresses in action. Her favorite is one of our fan favorites: the Scavenger Dress. You can't go wrong with this one!

Claudia - Operations Manager

Claudia is the newest member of the admin team since she's just been promoted to Manager, but she's been in Shipping and Customer service long enough to get to know the dresses. Her favorite is a classic: the Hermione Granger™ Yule Ball Dress

Were any of these your favorite dress?