Luxury Children's Dresses - Our Favorites!

Did you know Taylor Joelle has a sister brand named Holly & Bloom? 

Holly & Bloom is all about elegant and beautiful event dresses for kids that are still comfortable to wear all day! They are perfect for weddings, parties, dinners, and--for the adventurous princesses--every day!

Our Marketing and Admin teams spend a lot of the day with the dresses, mostly spinning around with them and talking about how cute they are, and we've each got a dress we love just a little bit more. 

Jenny - CEO of Taylor Joelle + Holly & Bloom

Jenny's favorite is the Taylor Puff Dress, which is named after her daughter, Taylor Joelle--yes, that Taylor Joelle!



Taylor - Customer Service

Taylor's favorite dress is the Cherry Blossom Puff Dress. However, she liked the hot pink color of the Taylor Puff Dress so much, she asked for that one to be named after her!



Kate - Director of Operations

Kate's favorite dress was a fan favorite: the green Molly Puff Dress from the holiday collection sold so quickly! Last time I checked, it was on clearance with the rest of the holiday items, so if you're interested, go get it now!



Savannah - Marketing Director

Savannah sees the dresses through from the first design to the final production, and she had the most fun with the Laura Puff Dress for New Years 2023. 



Jennifer - Marketing Manager

If the dresses came in adult size, Jennifer would definitely wear the Black Iris Ballerina Dress, but her favorite dress to style for her girls is the sky blue Forget-Me-Not Puff Dress.



Olivia - Social Media Specialist 

Oliva loves the fall vibes of the Marigold Puff Dress. This dress is a last chance grab--once we're out of stock, it's not coming back! 



Claudia - Operations Manager

Claudia also has a dress named after her! The Claudia Puff Dress is the gorgeous hot pink puff of the Holiday Collection. If you didn't grab this dress for the winter holidays, it's definitely worth a look for Valentines! 



Which one is your favorite?